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I work at the intersections of technology and culture. I hold a PhD from Yale in Art History and I publish extensively on modern and contemporary art. I am also an engineer at Grafana, the world's leading cloud-observability and data-visualization platform. Visit my GitHub profile for details on all that, and to view some personal projects.


Stanley Whitney, my full length monograph on one of America's greatest living painters, is now avaible on Amazon and in select bookstores worldwide.

Barry Schwabsky, art critic for The Nation, writes:

"Matthew Jeffrey Abrams does something in this book that's harder than it sounds: he talks about Stanley Whitney's paintings in the only way they can be talked about—by way of attentive and prolonged looking...from the very first page, when Abrams begins to describe Whitney's 2017 canvas Night Cafe, you know you're in the hands of a writer who is unfazed by the nuances and vissicitudes of hue..."

Thelma Golden, Director of The Studio Museum, Harlem, writes:

"This text by Matthew Jeffrey Abrams beautifully captures the lyricism and vibrancy of Stanley's work while also rooting his practice within a deep art-historical tradition."

A fragment from Stanley Whitney was adapted and published in the Spring 2020 Issue of Gagosian Quarterly.


My most recent essay, Color Matter(s), was published in Bosco Sodi by Rizzoli. The book is available on Amazon, and from the publisher.


matt [at] matthewjeffreyabrams [dot] com